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Demonstration Projects for Supporting of Implementation of Sustainable Energy Action Plans in Covenant of Mayors (CoM) Georgian Signatory Cities

Project financed by UNDP/GEF Small Grants Programme

Duration: June-December, 2014

Primary Objectives: To support local authorities in improving their energy security, reducing GHG emissions, diminishing dependence on fossil fuels, and improving their citizens quality of life.

Specific Objectives
- To demonstrate various energy efficient measures through the introduction of low-carbon technologies in two (2) kindergartens of Georgian Covenant of Mayors signatory cities (Gori municipality and Self-governing Rustavi city);

- To facilitate the reduction of high energy costs of kindergartens through the applications of energy efficiency measures for municipal energy consumers;

- To contribute the reduction of energy consumption against baseline and sustainability of the kindergartens’ beneficiaries through the installation of low-carbon technologies;

- To Contribute the efficient utilization of energy resources and reduction of CO2 emissions and improvement of the environmental situation in municipal territories;

- To facilitate the improvement of the indoor environment and living conditions for beneficiaries of the kindergartens;

- To encourage Georgian CoM signatory cities in implementation of Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAP) through Demonstration Projects;

- To facilitate the local Georgian signatory cities to commit the obligations taken under Covenant of Mayors;

Description of Project Activities

The demonstration projects will be implemented in CoM signatory cites involved in “CoM Grant Project” as project partner cities. The CoM Grant project partners (Gori Municipality & Self-governing Rustavi City) based on preliminary developed criteria for demonstration projects each identified one (1) kindergarten; Thus, 2 (two) demonstration projects will be implemented demonstrating appropriate energy efficient and/or RE measures. The demonstration project was included the following activities:

Activity 1 – Perform Energy Audits in two (2) kindergartens for identification of the cost effectiveness of specific EE and/or RE measures to ensure the improvement of indoor comfort and energy efficiency of buildings as well as the reduction of GHG emissions. Developed energy audits will identify the investments [GEL], Net Savings [GEL/Year], Lifetime [Year], Payback [Year] Internal Rate of Return [IRR], the avoided GHG emissions [T/Year] of planned EE measures.

Activity 2 – Preparation of tender documents and announcement of tender for the supply of the necessary equipment and performance of the works. The reference of specific EE and/or RE low-carbon technologies and for the approximate number of necessary equipment are energy audits including cost estimations;

Activity 3 - Selection of equipment and works suppliers by the consideration of the cost, time of service delivery and quality of works. Execution of the contract with the suppliers for the EE and/or EE measures stipulated in the Energy Audits;

Activity 4 - Work with each project cities (Rustavi & Gori) to implement the identified small scale energy efficiency and/or renewable energy measures;

Activity 5 - Monitor and evaluate the small scale energy efficiency and/or renewable energy measures in public buildings of each project cities and document “lessons learned” in the implementation of small scale energy efficiency or renewable energy improvements in each project city;

Activity 6 - Presentation of the demonstration projects to the donors and local community;

Activity 7 - Increase public awareness on available EE technologies and measures, as means of saving money, as well as reducing fuel use, thus contributing to the reduction of emissions through CoM policy and environmental protection (Climate Change);

This project was developed specifically for CoM Grant Project financed by EU Commission in order to additionally financially support the implementation of demonstration projects in Gori and Rustavi cities.




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