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Cleaner Production in the selected countries of NIS – Moldova, Georgia and Kazakhstan

Funded by European Union Tacis Program

The overall objective of the CP project is to achieve the catalytic effect of the promotion and implementation the Cleaner Production Strategy in the NIS countries. Web-site - http://www.cpnis.carec.kz/eng/ 

CP Project main tasks, results and developments

Enhance the capability and commitment of three selected target groups to the promotion of Cleaner Production strategy:

1. CP Demo projects implementation.

  • Prepared the CP Demo-Project case –studies in Georgian Companies:

Wood processing company “ Wood service”

Paper producer “JSC Tbilisi Paper factory”

2. Training on CP strategy and principles

o First CP training for Enterprise Experts for better understanding cleaner production;

o Second training for Enterprise Experts for preparation a Business case for CP Investment amd seeking help from advisers;

o CP Training for CP Advisors for learning CP Basic, CP Case study, CP Financing.

o CP Training for CP Trainers

3. To achieve the Basic Capacity Level

o Organized CP Conference “ Environment policy issues- CP strategy development in Georgia” 26 November, 2004, Tbilisi, Georgia

4. To increase the CP awareness of decision makers

o Dissemination the CP principles and project activity by editing the CP broshures, CP conferences materials and Newsletters;

o Delivered the study-tour to Poland and Ireland to share experience of building environmental policy and implementation of the environmental requirements to business;

Prepared the CP curriculum for Universities and technical colleges.

Ph. D. Manana Dadiani - Head of Renewable Energy Department and Prof. Otar Purtseladze – Energy Efficiency Expert of the Energy Efficiency Centre have been involved in the frame of the Project E0312C the Cleaner Production in selected Countries of the NIS – Moldova, Georgia and Kazakhstan in cleaner production and energy audits. Also Ms. Dadiani and Prof. Purtseladze participated in preparation the CP Demo-Projects for Georgian Companies, and drafting of Manual: Cleaner Production Tools and participated in CP Training modules.

George Abulashvili – Energy Efficiency Centre Director have been involved in the project as trainer on Energy Efficiency Issues and CP strategy and principles. He took part in organization of CP project training modules and Conference “Environment policy issues - CP strategy development in Georgia” 26 November, 2004, Tbilisi, Georgia. On this event Mr. Abulashvili made presentation on importance of energy efficiency for the country energy security.

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