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Welcome to the Energy Efficiency Centre (EEC) home page. Energy Efficiency ensures the responsible use of natural resources and helps protect our environment.

Energy Efficiency Centre (EEC) was established in 1998 by European Union  within the framework of the EU Tacis Project "Creation of an Energy Efficiency Centre and Development Natural Energy Study in Georgia".

The main objectives of EEC are:

  • support to renewable energy and energy efficiency utilization for sustainable development and as a result improve national energy security level and minimize negative environmental impact.

  • Increase awareness of the civil society and the country’s decision makers on the environmentally friendly and economically sound ways of energy production and consumption as well as on the potential for renewable energy and energy efficiency.

In April 2005, the “The Energy Efficiency and Cleaner Production Centre EECP”, which was established at 2003, within the framework of the Georgian - Norwegian Capacity Building Program on Energy Efficiency and Cleaner Production, was integrated into Energy Efficiency Centre Georgia.

We are the members of:

European Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ECEEE)

World Renewable Energy Network (WREN)

European Small Hydropower Association (ESHA) 

International Network of Organization for Promotion of Energy Technologies (OPET)

International Network on Small Hydropower

Since 2014 EEC is a supporter of Covenant of Mayors (Covenant Supporter).

EEC has been registered as an observer to the Green Climate Fund.


For energy audits we are using an infrared thermograph FLIR Extech IRC30

With joint efforts of Energy Efficiency Centre and literature portal "Urakparaki" the literary competition Lile-2018 was held.

The complete information about competition and the works that took part in the competition  you can find here (in Georgian).

Structure of Energy Efficiency Centre


- EEC has been included in the Renewable Energy Database


- EEC pledge has accepted by REN21 secretariat. Pledge might be seen on the website.

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