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International Eco-Building E-commerce Network Development

Funded by Open Society Institute through the Economic and Business Development Program  

As a part of Project IDEAS initiative, a joint project of the Foundation Open Society Institute (FOSI), a Swiss Charitable Foundation and International Finance Corporation (IFC), Energy Efficiency Center Georgia was awarded a grant for the implementation of the project "International Eco-building E-commerce Network Development". 

Well-developed worldwide electronic commerce is quite new business for NIS countries and Georgia in particular. Though, there are several e-shops operating, the scope of their services is limited - very few products and services are marketed. 

The project envisages the creation of specific market oriented on-line service center: International Eco-building e-commerce network, for SME development aimed at the construction and maintenance of energy efficiency buildings for nearby countries.

The current project is focused on the following major goals: 

  • Developing and implementing the Eco-Building e-commerce network of business and non-governmental and charity organizations operating in construction and maintenance of energy efficiency buildings;

  • Cost efficient infrastructure development necessary to improve, promote, sell, distribute and collect goods and services in construction and maintenance of energy efficiency buildings;

The International Eco-building e-commerce network will offer:

  • Easy operation and access to the market of goods and services for its consumers and producers started from energy efficiency bulbs to hydrogen fuel cells and high-tech building materials;

  • Flexible terms of payment corresponding to internationally recognized ecommerce practices.

  • Trilingual - Georgian, Russian and English.

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