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WP-3: Promotion of CCT Implementation options in existing coal-fired power plants 

Region covered - Russia, Georgia, Slovenia, Latvia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Estonia, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Hungary, Turkey, FYROM, Yugoslavia, India and China.

Technology covered - Clean Coal Technologies.


The aim of the proposed action is to promote the alternative renovation options of the existing coal fired power plants in the candidate and new promising countries, in order to ensure a cleaner and more efficient operation. The objectives of this project include the collection and technical evaluation of the possible measures for retrofitting existing coal-fired power plants in the covered area, as well as the presentation of the state of the art of clean coal technologies provided by EU manufactures and operators. The implementation of the above measures will assist the energy market operators in these countries to comply with the EU energy policy targets.

Milestones and expected results

Promotion of the implementation of renovation measures in the coal-fired power plants of the candidate and new promising countries in order to ensure more efficient operation and emissions control
Determination of the current situation of solid fuels-firing power plants in candidate and new promising countries 
Dissemination of information and technology transfer from EU to candidate and new promising countries, regarding Clean Coal Technology matters.

Information package for dissemination through partners (PDF, 55K)



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