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Energy Audit

Cleaner Production and Energy Efficiency Audit - cutting your costs

Reducing waste at source and increasing energy efficiency gives less pollution and smaller costs. A number of pilot cleaner production and energy efficiency (CPEE) projects show that savings of more than 1% of the company turn-over can be achieved. The CPEE Audit helps companies to develop profitable measures and solutions for a cost-effective implementation of your project.

What is CPEE Auditing?

What does not add value to your product is waste. Reducing waste at source is the most cost-effective way to prevent pollution and excess use of energy. CPEE Auditing aims at finding real business benefits by minimising wastage and pollution at source, using raw materials and utilities (i.e., water, fuels and energy) more efficiently, and thus cutting production costs.


Three good reasons for your company to get a CPEE Audit conducted:

  • It will increase your profits in a cost-effective way;

  • It will help to improve and monitor your efficiency;

  • It will reduce your company's impact on the environment and help you to comply with the legislation.

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