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What can the EEC do for you?

  • Performing energy audits and from these basis, producing recommendation and preparing the basis of investment projects

  • Develop a CPEE Audit together with your specialists

  • Develop specific technical solutions and equipment specifications for planning CPEE measures

  • Assist in developing Business Plans and arranging co-financing

  • Management and QA for the implementation of the CPEE measures

  • Establish effective operation&maintenance and energy management routines ensuring permanent savings

  • Arrange internal training programmes

  • EAB Software GE 8.1 calculating energy consumption and energy saving potential for buildings

  • Economy Software for detailed profitability and draft Cash flow calculations

  • Energy Monitoring Software for processing and reporting results from energy monitoring of buildings (For more information please visit the Software site of ENSI)

For energy audits we are using an infrared thermograph FLIR Extech IRC30

  • Revolving Fund

  • Preparing business plans and investment projects, developing opportunities for investment

  • Implementation of the training program

  • Project management

  • Consultancy

  • Organization of seminars, workshops

  • Editing and Publication of special materials