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CoM DeP Project in Georgia

Full Title: Biomass Energy and EE Technologies as a Sustainable Energy Solutions for Georgian CoM signatories

Project Duration: February 2018 - January 2021

Donor: EU4Energy

EU Contribution: 598,913.28 Euro

Co-financing: 149,728.32 EURO

Project Applicant: Union “Energy Efficiency Center Georgia”

Project Co-Applicant: Telavi Municipality City


Project Background:

In spite of their active participation in Covenant of Mayors (CoM) policy theGeorgian municipalities still lack managerial and technical capacities in developing sustainable energy projects, experience in implementation of full-size sustainable investment projects, suffer from limited local budget and incomplete procurement procedures.

Therefore, the aim of the Action is to enhance Georgian CoM signatory cities/municipalities capacities in climate change mitigation and fulfillment of sustainable local energy policy through implementation of investment projects in line with their Sustainable Energy (Climate) Action Plans (SE(C)APs. The Action will be implemented in Telavi Municipality City.

Specific objectives of this Action are following:

  • To promote introduction of energy efficiency measures as well as use of renewable energy sources by implementing complex pilot investment projects in Georgian municipal buildings;

  • To promote renewable energy production and use through utilization of locally available biomass and application of innovative technologies in above mentioned pilot Georgian municipalities;

  • To assess the possibility and initiate the establishment of renewable energy supply chain in the selected municipalities to ensure long-term public service (supply of biomass sources) between public and private sectors;

  • To support local authorities in improving their energy security, diminishing dependence on imported fossil fuels, reducing GHG emissions, and improving their citizens’ quality of life;

  • To strengthen the capacity of selected pilot Georgian municipalities in implementing SE(C)APs and sustainable energy investment projects;

  • To raise awareness on CoM policy and sustainable energy investment projects and promote their replication in other Georgian municipalities, in particular CoM signatories.

The outcomes of the Action are:

  • Enhanced managerial and technical capacities of local authorities in target municipalities to transform SE(C)APs measures into investment projects and fulfilCoM commitments through implementation of Sustainable energy investment projects;

  • Decreased dependence on imported fossil fuels & increased share of locally available renewable energy resources in final municipal energy consumption;

  • Raised awareness on benefits of clean energy technologies among interested stakeholders and public at large in target municipality and beyond;

The Direct & Indirect Beneficiaries

  • The Direct Beneficiaries of the Action are decision makers; municipal service providers of local authorities of self-governing Community Telavi & self-governing City Telavi (as co-applicants of the Action) as well as the employers and users of theselectedrenovated public buildings, which energy efficiency parameters were improved.

  • Main IndirectBeneficiaries of the Action are private companies; more specifically agro vine (vine-growing) farms and/or companies providing their agricultural wastes (vineyard pruning resides) to the municipalities as an energy source as well as local population of the municipalities.


Main Activities within Project

  • Complete thermo-modernization of 2 selected municipal/public buildings with consideration of RE & EE technologies;

  • Establishment of renewable energy (biomass) supply chain in order to ensure the heating of 2 selected buildings with using of agriculture wastes (vineyards’ pruning resides);

  • Capacity building &awareness raising campaigns (such as sustainable energy days/week, trainings, seminars etc) for target beneficiaries.

  • Information Dissemination and Visibility of the Project Results.

Dissemination and Visibility of project-based results to the stakeholders and to the wider public are essential and crucial components for the success of the project as well as for the sustainability of the project results in the long term. In addition, dissemination of the project results will be ensured by printed materials distributed at project events and other relevant events, press releases, and other printed materials (banner, fliers).

Updated: April 20, 2018

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