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Norwegian Capacity Building Programme

Second Programme in Cleaner Production and Energy Efficiency in Industry, Rustavi

The second CP & EE programme was implemented in Rustavi, an industrial town in the vicinity of Tbilisi. The programme was started in Rustavi in March and ending in September 2004.

14 managers and engineers from 6 different industrial companies participated in the programme:

1. Bread Factory “Beta”

2. Bread Factory “Burji”

3. Bread Factory “Krtsanisi”

4. Printing House “Poligraphy”

5. Sausage Factory “Georgia-2”

6. Brewery “Rustavi XXI”

In total, 23 energy efficiency and cleaner production measures of different kind and size were identified, and some of them implemented during the programme period.

At a training session in Rustavi Hading out professional CP&EE certificates

The main results of the programme are summarized in the table below, both identified potential and already achieved results as of November 2005:


Identified potential

(September 2004)

Achieved results

(September 2004)

Achieved results

(November 2005)


Electric energy savings

1 313 870

75 000

1 187 230


Water savings              

2 190

1 990

3 990


Gas savings                             

20 000

20 000

178 166


Raw material savings                                              





Economical effect

95 745

6 090

106 750


As can be seen from the table, the identified potential and implemented measures represents less economic savings than at the first programme. This is mainly because the participating companies are smaller. After the end of the programme, some of the companies have been provided loans from the revolving CP&EE Fund. After the completion of the training programme, as can be seen from the table, the participating companies continue their in-company work. The achieved savings by November 2005 (106 750 USD/year) is more than the savings by September 2004 (6 090 USD/year).


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